Volencia en chihuahua

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  • Publicado : 22 de abril de 2010
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Sebastian Valles ITESM
Marcelo Flores Miriam Martinez
Gerardo Davila
Projecto Investigacion Cientifica Y Tecnologica.
How much has increase the violence in the past 6 years inthe state of Chihuahua? In the past 6 years the violence in the state of Chihuahua has increase a 400%. In 1998- 2004 the mortality Rate was of 1.07 people murder per day and now from2005- 2010 has increase with a total of 4.56 per day.
Until 15 August this year in Chihuahua had recorded 26, 000 homicides, equivalent to 38.3 percent of all occurred around the country,where there are 2 thousand 673 registered so far in 2008.
Juan Camilo Mouriño said that Chihuahua is an exceptional case in terms of violence and by the State Governor José Reyes Baeza, thebloodiest month in the history of Chihuahua with 130 killed, and has been this past August.
Last year, which has the highest homicide rate, much dead according to their population (rate per 100thousand inhabitants), municipios of Morelos in the first place with a rate of 81.21, followed Belisario Domínguez with a rate of 54.22, then 53.34 Cusihuiriachi, Guazapares 45.24, 45.03Matamoros, Guadeloupe, 41.21, 37.87 Ocampo, Guadalupe y Calvo 34.99, Uruachi 33.51, 31.82 Nonoava, Janos 28.07, Batopilas 27.50, 26.81 Ascension
Without doubt, this year, the largest number ofintentional homicides have occurred in Juarez and Chihuahua, although their number of inhabitants, until last year were the lowest compared to mountain towns. Juarez had a violent death rate of9.93 and 6.45 of Chihuahua, while places like Morelos their rate was 81.21. By number of homicides from 1998 to this year in Juarez are 2.727, of which 1.887 were killed from 1998 to 2004 and 839so far this year. In Chihuahua, in the same period that records are 409 homicides have occurred in 179 and Parral Cuauhtémoc 114, according to data from the SES and newspaper archives.
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