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Break downCeases to function | Break upSeparate, end a relationship | Back upreverse | Call something offcancel | Clean upMake clean and tidy |
Come byVisit, pass | CutdownReduce in number or size | Call aroundPhone many different places/people | Call someone backReturn a phone call | Calm downRelax after being angry |
Check inArrive and register at a hotel or airport| Check outLeave a hotel | Check someone/something outLook at carefully, investigate | Come apartseparate | Come down with somethingBecome sick |
Come from somewhereOriginate in | Cross somethingoutDraw a line through | Cut something downMake something fall to the ground | Cut something offRemove with something sharp | Cut something offStop providing |
Do something overDo again | DressupWear nice clothing | Drop in/by/overCome without an appointment | Drop someone /something offTake someone/something somewhere and leave them/it there | drop outquit a class, school, etc. |Deal withTake care of problem, situation | Fall for (fall in love with) | Fall apartBreak into pieces | Fall downFall to the ground | Figure something outUnderstand, find the answer |
Fill somethinginTo write information in blanks | Find outDiscover information | Get along (with)Like each other/ have a good relation ship with | Get backReturn from somewhere | Get awayGo on vacation |
GetdownWrite down, depress, make unhappy | Get inCome to place, arrive, enter | Get offLeave a bus or plane, etc. descend from | Get upGo out of the bed | Give upStop trying to do something, surrender, quita habit |
Go after someoneFollow someone | Go over somethingreview | Grow upBecome an adult | Hang on/ hold onWait a short time | Iron outResolve by, discussion, eliminate differences |
KeepoutStop from entering | Keep somethingUpContinue at the same rate | Let downFail to support or help, disappoint, not keep a promise | Look afterSomeone/somethingTake care of | Look forSearch for, try to...
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