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Computer Player Strategy Builder Guide

AI Expert Documentation
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Important: Age of Empires II allows you to create your own custom campaigns, scenarios, and computer player scripts. You may share these custom campaigns, scenarios, and computer player scripts for the purposes of gameplay but you may not sell or make other commercial uses of the customcampaigns, scenarios, and computer player scripts. Microsoft reserves all other rights to the editors and files.


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Table of Contents

Introduction 8

Rules 8

Facts 10

Actions 10

Defrule Command 12

Deconst Command 12

Load Command 12

Load Random Command 13

Conditional Loading 14

Technical Considerations 16

System defined symbols 16

Examples 19Conditional Loading and User Defined Constants 19

System Defined Constants 20

Facts 20

Fact List 20

Constant Facts 24

Event Detection Facts 24

Game Facts 24

Commodity Trade Facts 24

Tribute Detection Facts 24

Escrow Facts 24

Computer Player Object Count Facts 25

Computer Player Resource Facts 25

Regicide Facts 25

Computer Player...
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