What attitude should you have as a manager?

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‘’As a manager, you lead by example”. Your employees will not be able to produce as successfully as they would if you have a bad attitude or show alack of leadership. As a manager, you need to understand that the company relies in your performance and in the effort you put in it therefore, youshould demonstrate a positive and winning attitude all the time.
Managers need to have and use available information in order for a company to succeed;they need outside information to know how others in the industry are doing so they can set goals and projections for themselves. Effective mangers neverstop learning. A manager has to arrange his time to learn and grow within the ever changing economic, technological, financial, legal, marketplace,and competitive environment we all call work. In order to be a positive and winning manager, you need to embrace change and approach learning with anopen mind.
A manager should always be ready and willing to help both customers and employees by understanding what they expect in service, productquality, and price. As a manager, you should have a plan for every possible scenario within the company. Planning will give you a mission by which you canlead your employees and identify goals that will help you to accomplish your mission.”There is a certain degree of risk in every business and althoughno manager can foresee the future with any degree of certainty, they must push forward and sometimes fail trying to reach their desired outcome.’’
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