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  • Publicado : 2 de octubre de 2010
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What is better? Keep your son in the same school or not? Some people prefer to have their children in only one school until they graduated other to move them of school at some time? Some parentsthink that if they move their children of school it will help them to socialize and make more friends..a reason that is against that is that most of the parents think that change them affect their scores.Some parents think that if they move their children of school that will help them to make new friends and develop a good socialize with new people. In fact experiments about socialize shows thatpeople exposed to habitat change have an incredible ability for begin a conversation and the shyness disappear with the time however I think that if you change school at some time well you will have alot of friends in different places and always that you need a friendly hand there is gona be for you.

Across the time anything stays at some way because the human mindevolves and for that the way that we live too. Do you agree or disagree that progress is always good? Why do you think that? I think that we need progress but in a healthy way we have to be more ecologic.But in the other hand the progress is a vital source of our way to live because if we don’t have it we might extinct.

In the world, the progress is inevitable but during the process of change wecreate things that destroy our environment because the things that we create depend of natural things like water, trees, air. And we are destroying that sources actually exist many associations thatprotect them and propose to have a healthy progress like green peace and onu. and they live fighting against the destruction of them.

By the other hand the “progress” that we use is bad because se useit wrong se bite the hand that feed us like nature and we need it to survive because if theres no nature theres no humans if we finish with all the pollution the human being is goin to extinct. But...