What is a master guide?

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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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What is a Master Guide?
Viewed from the human perspective, it is the highest grade that Pathfinder Club members can reach showing their high knowledge and skills. Viewed by the divine perspective,THE CORRECT ONE, is the greatest opportunity to serve God, the church, and the community.
The goal is that the Master Guide should be the first to work and the last to rest. Those who inspire to be aMaster Guide need to first ask themselves, what is the reason of their desire to be a Master Guide? Is it to honor you or to honor God?
Why be a Master Guide?
A Master Guide is a trained leaderspecializing in the management of children and adolescents. Leadership is a matter of vital importance to the welfare of children and youth of the church and the success of its agencies.
Those who wantto be leaders must seize every opportunity to submit to the mental development and practical training, in order to know how to guide those who they are going to lead. This is as real as in any branchof work of the Church as it is in organizations outside of it.
One of the major responsibilities of the Church is the preservation of its youth. The Youth Department strives to reach our children andyouth wherever they are to guide them to Christ, help them choose their ideals and give them a preparation on the Christian service. One of the slogans of the Youth Department is “Saved from Sin andTrained to Service”. Salvation and service are the key elements of the Seventh-Day Adventist Youth Ministry.
However, to save the youth and to train those to service is more than a departmenteffort. It is the first job of the church, a responsibility that rests upon each member and leader of it. We put in a special way our hopes in the Christian youth of our churches and educational institutesto cooperate in this great work. The philosophy underlying the Master Guides Club is supported by the following declarations of the Spirit of Prophecy: “Our concept of education has a scope too...
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