Why should i hire you?

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Why should I hire you?"
This is the classic question most of us hear during an interview. It's often preceded by the phrase, "I've already interviewed another person for this position who looksperfect." Then comes the killer question, "Why should I hire YOU?"
Sometimes the most innocent interview question can prove to be the key to the empire for some, while it can be the swan song forothers.
The next time an employer asks, "Why should I hire you?" see the question in a new light -- as an opportunity to shine and pull ahead of your competitors.
Be careful to avoid clever retorts orcomedic one-liners here. Your interview is serious business and a wrong answer will send you packing. This is the one question that interviewers like to ask because the answer can separate thecontenders from the also-rans. Give a wrong answer and the large "game over" sign flashes above your head.
What hiring managers really want to know is, "What's special or different about you?" or "Howare you different than all the other candidates who have applied for this position?" With this in mind, a good way to approach your answer here is to launch into your best "story" that answers thisquestion: "Will you go the extra mile?"
Why is the employer asking why he or she should hire you? Because there are only five areas of interest he or she is concerned with:
1. Your skills
2. Yourknowledge about the company
3. Your manageability
4. Your affordability
5. Whether you can go above and beyond your job description.
In this day of "lean and mean" operations philosophy, employersare looking for employees who can think bigger and perform duties beyond their jobs.
Realize that there will always be competing candidates with a higher skill level, more experience, more educationand training or even a smoother interviewing style. The one equalizer though, is the ability to demonstrate how you have risen above and gone that extra mile to accomplish an important task,...
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