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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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WI-FI's WAVES do they damage TO THE NATURE?

The Dutch scientists suppose that the electromagnetic radiation of the positions of access to the wireless networks of the standard Wi-Fi they might exercise a harmful impact in the plants.

The investigators of Wageningen's University found a relation between the wave emission sources of radio of the wireless networks and the alteration of thecolor of the leaves of the nearby plants and his it atrophies. Nevertheless, the state agency of comuncaciones of the Netherlands does not incline to do conclusions on the negative effect of the Wi-Fi..

The authors of the work noticed that the faults in the trees in urban, such zones as the loss of the color of the leaves or the fissures in the trunk, increased significantly during the last years.These alterations might be caused by biological factors, as the insects. But, according to the scientists, the reason of the phenomenon is not still established.

The investigators say that the tests realized in the laboratory indicated that the electromagnetic waves supposedly exercise a negative impact in the health of the plants, decelerating his growth. The study was realized by order ofthe town hall of a Dutch city, in order to determine the paper of the electromagnetic fields in the worsening of the condition of the trees. For this end, for several months the investigators submitted to the plants to the influence of waves similar to the Wi-Fi to a distance of between 0,5 and 3 meters, and registered the loss of the color of the leaves and the death on behalf of them..

Soonafter the publication of the summary of the experiment, the news on the harmful effect of the networks of the standard Wi-Fi in the plants was published by several means, after which the Agency of Radio communications of the Netherlands publicized a report of denial.

In agreement with the document, being based on the accessible information at the moment, it is not possible to do a definitiveconclusion. According to the information of the Agency, the majority of the published investigations do not verify such an effect. Whereas in the works that revealed the harmful effect of the electromagnetic fields, this one owed to a high intensity of radiation, and in these cases it would have been the heat the one that spoilt the plants. Nevertheless, the authors of the study do not reject the needof future investigations.

The disputes it brings over of the supposed harmful effect of the electromagnetic radiation of the networks Wi-Fi, as well as of the mobile phones, they do not go out from the appearance of this type of communication. Recently, the Canadian chain CTV informed that some parents extract his children of the college and choose for the domestic education because they areafraid that the wireless network opened in the school could damage them. Nevertheless, at the moment ningun scientific group could obtain irrefutable tests of the harmful effect of the Wi-Fi and the mobile phones in the human organism.


Los científicos neerlandeses suponen que la radiación electromagnética de los puestos de acceso a las redesinalámbricas del estándar Wi-Fi podrían ejercer un impacto nocivo en las plantas.

Los investigadores de la Universidad de Wageningen encontraron una relación entre las fuentes de emisión de ondas de radio de las redes inalámbricas y la alteración del color de las hojas de las plantas cercanas y su atrofía. Sin embargo, la agencia estatal de comuncaciones de los Países Bajos no se inclina a hacerconclusiones sobre el efecto negativo del Wi-Fi.

Los autores del trabajo notaron que los defectos en los árboles en zonas urbanas, tales como la pérdida del color de las hojas o las fisuras en el tronco, aumentaron significativamente durante los últimos años. Estas alteraciones podrían ser causadas por factores biológicos, como los insectos. Pero, según los científicos, la causa del fenómeno...
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