Work environment (ambiente en el trabajo)

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Work Environment
Nowadays, work within organizations has been taking large fields of study and analysis, as we have found some problems that seriously affect the life of business productivity. For this reason, administrators or managers of an entity must have the skills and knowledge needed to cope with the challenges that today's globalized world requires.
For this reason,special emphasis has been placed in the deep study of the environment that must exist within the work area. That is, because of the current managers, administrative staff, workers, etc.. they need both a good relationship between them as facilities that suit their needs, not only basic needs but also of complementary needs as extracurricular skills development to help them succeed
Within the term"work environment" integrate many factors to analyze, but in this research work we will deal specifically with how communication can be the most feasible tool in solving different types of problems encountered in both employees and in the various departments of companies. Also, we will deal with how to create relationships, not only short but long term they can help gain a competitive advantage andhigher profit margins. Finally, we analyze an issue for many is perhaps irrelevant, but as mentioned above in terms of administration is a point that he must give great importance: for this we refer to the existence of adequate facilities for proper implementation task.
It is also essential to bring up such points that in them are many of the theories of management; as such we have the use ofperception, motivation, self-control and personality. The perception is implicit because many times the first impression and also help or hinder our prejudices to create new projects and the relationship with our partners and clients. Similarly, motivation is a factor that certainly can determine the course of an organization. On the third, it is very useful in handling issue of interpersonal andinterdepartmental problems, as they must know to control the situations that arise. Finally, the report also showed the relationship of how personality helps to know how to handle the type of work being requested.

Groups and teams at work

A group is a group of people who perceive themselves as a unit and interact with each other and work toward a common goal. A team is a type of group, wheremembers have complementary skills that are committed to a common purpose. Teamwork is the most important for achieving the proposed goals, because they must have an understanding and commitment of each and every one of the members.
Groups can be divided into two general types: formal and informal groups. Formal groups are those that are recognized by the company or organization, while theinformal are not recognized by the company. An example of a formal group is the departments of companies, where a group of people focus on accomplishing a task. Another example is also a project group, committees and quality circles dictated by the organization. An example of an informal group may be when a group of employees together in the evenings to dine, play dominoes or any recreational oreducational activity. These informal groups emerge over time and integration of employees.
Work teams are also divided into several types. The cross-functional teams are the teams where they meet several people who specialize in different things to complement each other and achieve a specific task. These groups are usually created to give rise to a product or improve quality, reduce costs and run abusiness. The senior management teams are teams with a strong leader who takes responsibility for what is taught in the group deserves the credit given to them by the achievements and gets most of the publicity. One example is computer business leaders who consult their advisers before making any important decisions.
The virtual team is one that "meets" via the Internet. This kind of group has...
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