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1) Others religious that I’ve heard are Evangelism, Catholicism, and Satanic sects.
Evangelism is a protestant Christian movement characterized because of biblically oriented faith and afree interpretation of the Bible.
Catholicism is based on in the existence of one God, who is eternal, powerful, wise, and merciful. God was the creator of man.
Satanism: group with diversenumber of ideological beliefs with admiration and even veneration of Satan, the enemy of God.

2) I think the people are happy living in these communities because they share the same thoughtand rules for everyone. There are no differences with each other; otherwise intolerance is the main problem in the world. Some groups could kill to another for have different religion, appearanceor social class!

3) Yeah, I like the idea to live in a special community like hippies year ago but no in that way. I would like to stay in communities of punk rock, where people travelconstantly around the world, enjoying this short life obviously keeping out politics and religious principles and of course, following our favorite bands in every show as possible.

4) Aboutcelibacy I don’t think that is a positive quality because humans are made to procreate like animals. For men it’s more difficult than women, but there is nothing bad here. It’s a biologicalneed.

5) I think that be kind is a positive quality because nowadays we are a society that is very aggressive. Rarely did you hear something good or positive. Murders, assaults, protest arecommon words on news and every day it is the same, the world does not seems to change.

6) A racist person is a negative quality because you are close-minded. This world it´s big and youcan’t expect that millions and millions of people have the same thought or act in the same way. It’s impossible! We have diverse cultures and it’s better that you learn to be a tolerant person.
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