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How To Skyrocket Your Muscle Growth By Triggering A Natural Release Of Your Body’s 3 Most Powerful Anabolic Hormones - IGF-1, Testosterone, and Insulin!

The 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program
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It shows you how you can gain up to 12 pounds of pure muscle using The Anabolic Amplifier Effect in 21 days


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You’re about to discover how you can make the most insane muscle gains ever, simply by harnessing the “hiddenanabolic power” that’s lying dormant inside your own body. In fact, this radical approach to building muscle has been a jealously guarded secret only known by competitive bodybuilders… Until Now! So make sure to read every word of this information packed report! And get ready to watch your body explode to the next level of muscular development with: “The Anabolic Amplifier Effect”

Note: If youhaven’t already done so, please go back and read The Death Of Bulking Report first. That report covers some important concepts that you need to understand and grasp before continuing on here. Vince covers the top 10 reasons why traditional “Bulk Up” diet plans are the absolute worst thing you can do if your goal is to build a lean muscular physique. You see more often than not “Bulking Up” causes youto gain excess bodyfat, it slows your metabolism, and it overtaxes your digestive system… Bottom line, “Bulking” is hindering your muscle growth more then it is helping! And you’ll get all the details of how to avoid this in The Death Of Bulking Report.




I’ve got a question for you… What’s The Most Anabolic Muscle Building Substance You Can Get YourHands On? … Is It A Black Market Steroid ? Nope. … Is It The Latest Bodybuilding Supplement Stack ? Negative. … Is It Some Exotic Herb From The Amazon Jungle ? Heck No! The most anabolic substance known to man is “food”. I’m dead serious about this. All the training, drugs, and supplements in the world won’t build an ounce of muscle mass without proper nutrition and adequate food intake. In fact whenyou get right down to it, the food you eat is the only real “Anabolic Component” of your entire muscle-building regimen. Going to the gym and working out is NOT anabolic. The workout itself is actually catabolic and breaks down muscle tissue. Now granted it’s the stress of working out that triggers the adaptation response within the muscles so that they get the signal to become bigger andstronger. But it’s the food you eat that actually goes towards building muscle tissue. In fact I’ll go so far as to say that food is so anabolic that it can even build solid muscle mass regardless if you lift weights or not! Think I’ve lost my marbles and that I’m full of BS??? I’m not and I’ll prove it to you... Just go out in public and take a look around. You’ll see




lots of people who don’t even workout, many of who have never stepped foot inside a gym before. Yet all of these people have muscle on their body. The average adult male is made up of 42% skeletal muscle. Think about where all that muscle came from… It had to be built from the food that was consumed along with release of the body’s own natural anabolic hormones… Right? (I mean where theheck else would it have come from?) So the question is how do we harness this muscle building power that’s lying dormant inside your body right now? Well the key is to understand exactly how your body reacts hormonally to changes in your food intake. In this report I’m going to show you how to properly cycle your diet and training so that you tip the scales in favour of lean muscle growth. And...
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