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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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Xfire is a free instant messaging client oriented videogames. Allows keep a register of what games and whatservers are registered users andallows easily join your contacts. It also allows streaming while playing, or simply record videos or take pictures.

In addition to allowing theexchange of text messages with other users can establish voice calls between them.
The list of games that support the development program isconstantly adding the latest games from Microsoft Windows to be developed. Allows users to keep updated with the games installed their own system patch maintenance.
Itincludes other features such as taking screenshots during the game sessions, or even record videos, which thencan be added to the user profile on theofficial website.
One advantage of the latest versions, is the ability to broadcast a game on Streaming.
Using the program is done in the game, so there isno change to the desktop to use it because of its new auto-detection system. Link to an image of the article in English that shows the use in the game.Comparisons.
Xfire is better than Xbox live for a few simple reasons.
Xbox live you have to pay to access all their benefits,
Xfire is freeand has the same features as Xbox Live,
with the difference that Xbox is a console and Xfire is for computers.
Help to learn English.

This program helps withlearning English because most games are in English and they are new words to our vocabulary and we need to translate them to understand the games.
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