Yellow fever

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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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Yellow fever
1~What is yellow fever? The yellow fever is acute hemorrhage also known as the American plague.
2~What is infectious, agent, the causes of theyellow fever? The yellow fever is a tropical disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes.
3~Where is yellow fever found? The yellow fever is found only in Africa andSouth America particularly in parts of the jungle.
4~ How the people get yellow fever? The yellow fever causes 200,000 illnesses per year and 30,000 deaths each year.5~ What is the signs the yellow fever? The signs of the yellow fever are high fever, headache, muscle ashes, vomiting and back pain.The infection can lead toshock, hemorrhage, and liver and kidney failure .Liver failure causes jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes ) ,yellow fever, which gives its name.6~How is yellow fever diagnosed? The yellow fever is diagnosed by blood tests.
7~What complications can result from yellow fever? The serious infectious of theyellow fever can be fatal or death.
8~What is the treatment from yellow fever? There is no specific treatment for yellow fever should rest and drink only fluids andstay away from mosquitoes.
9~What common is yellow fever? The yellow fever is common in West and Central Africa and in parts of South America.
10~ Is yellow fever aemerging or re-emerging infectious disease? The yellow fever is a re-emergent infectious disease.
11~How the yellow fever be prevented? The yellow fever ispreventable by vaccination.
12~ Where can I found more information about yellow fever? To know more information visit the association of Safer Healthier People.
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