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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2010
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Use of Drugs
Employment from the psychoactive drugs drug usage logs from thousands of years in different cultures. However, the massive consumption of drugs by young people is a phenomenon ofsociety today that causes difficulties both the consumer and the family and society in general. Nowadays there is concern about the drug that adolescents are started at a very early age and turn to hisemployment as an answer to their problems. Curiosity drives teenagers experimenting with drugs, some leave, others remain trapped. Patterns of drug use in adolescents are generally those of adults.Adolescent suicide
Another self-destructive behavior in adolescents is suicide. The frequency of suicides and suicide attempts in adolescents indicate the importance of this issue and the need for apsychosocial approach. Who is threatening to commit suicide do not. The threats are desperate requests for help. About the three fourth parts of the bombers had expressed its intention of doing this.The purpose is to help create unease and alarm and manipulate other people according to their wishes.
It is defined by the refusal to feed. It is possible to check all grades from a dietuntil the dramatic loss of weight that can result in death. These are mainly teenagers who have this symptom. Notes that anorexic girls they highlight their place for independence and self-determination.Some of these young people have assumed an obedient, Submissive behavior in childhood and to reach adolescents present difficulties in the search for his identity.
Teenage pregnancy
The birth ratedecreases in diverse societies. However, there is a group which increases: of adolescent girls. Some are single mothers, other contracted marriages or join consensually. The pressure from parents ofteenagers leads to a forced marriage dissolved quickly. Maternity also requires in most cases to discontinue studies in adolescent mother and if you can proceed with the help of the family of origin...
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