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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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What Does Zarathustra Know? What Is He Trying to Know?

As Zarathustra strolls down the mountain he deems himself a wise man. Filled with knowledge he has created for himself, hecomes down hoping to teach others that which he has discovered. He believes in the endless superiority of the Superman, a man who has managed to overcome all moral issues through overcoming himself. Hedoes not tell of the actual Superman, we do not know if he exists. Slowly Zarathustra goes around town teaching others of his wisdom. He believes that he has overcome human thinking because hedeveloped his ideas, yet when he meets the people of the town he comes to realize that enclosing himself in a mountain will not give him knowledge since he is no longer exposed to actual thoughts of thepeople.

Zarathustra’s philosophical incursions towards the people of the town not only startle the people, but himself as well. He did not expect resistance to what he believed were logicalinterpretations of life. Zarathustra, sadly, ends up knowing that what he thought he knew was actually not as real, that he needed human contact in order to perfect his theories. Because as God might be dead,people still see him as alive, not only that, but people will always search for a pillar to rely on, something to believe in.

According to the story Zarathustra knows it ‘all’. I believe there isnothing you can get to know about humanity if all you think about it you develop in confinement. In hermitage one can only learn to read one’s face, but if we all look different how will I ever be able toread other people if I am unable to distinguish differences between us? If a man is to be empowered with being wise and enlightened, he has to first go through the world and retrieve himself of hisown selfishness that ever led him to think that he would ever be able to understand humanity. I believe we are more complex than what we are shown, or what we are able to show, no one has the...
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