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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Make a Purchase on eBay

Step 1. By registering on eBay
The first step is key when buying, is, of course, register on Ebay. It is a relatively simple process and only have to put some data neededto once we buy, no problem with the shipment. For registration, please enter on the next page-> www.ebay.com and go to "Register". Enter all the data, and to be true, because if by chance you haveany problem in buying / selling, does not play anything in your favor to have false information. You can only increase you age (not that incite to Ebay scams, it is foolish in my opinion).
Onceregistered, you'll be sent a confirmation email to verify it is a valid email. Go to your mail and check it.
Already, it has made.
Now, Paypal.
2 º. Registered with PayPal
Why register with Paypal if Ican pay the bank? Easy: 95% of sellers accept only Paypal. Basically because it is much simpler than the bank and that is a safe and reliable. If you ever cheat, you can ask for help from Paypal, anda high percentage of cases will recover your money.
To check, go to the Paypal login page. That gives us different options for registration. The first is only if you want to buy and sell anythingclearly not on Ebay. The second is that I now possess, and that you used to buy and sell. You sign up, putting your actual data. After this you will be prompted to either add a credit card or bankaccount. Whatever, what suits you. And enter your information ready. Already have an account, but lack a thing. If you have added a bank account, they will send some numbers to confirm it really is yours,when you receive them (2 or 3 days), record them and place them where you ask. Apart from this, it will ask a confirmation email asking you by email. And you're all ready.
We're about to have a niceEbay account conditions. Now it associate Ebay with Paypal.
3 º. Linking Paypal to Ebay.
Go to Ebay, log in and hit "My Ebay". Once there, go to the "Account". You'll see a list of options...
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