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Recent news about E-Waste

E-waste refers to electrical and electronic useless material, namely “items which rely on an electric current or electromagnetic fields in order tooperate, and contain a hard-drive or significant electronic components and/or a printed circuit board.” ( Davis).
Electronic waste these days represents a great danger to theenvironment increases the number of garbage like their damage and we are not prepared nor have the education to do with this garbage.
A survey was conducted in Australia to determine thecurrent level of understanding and action on e-waste, and to solicit responses on identifying key areas where improvements could be made. The survey achieved an overall response rate of35%, which is very alarming as it shows we do not have the slightest knowledge about this subject, much less that we have to do with it, and throw it away, ignore what is necessaryin order to prevent this problem grow even more.
Clear evidence of this happening in China, where he has just discovered that a chlorinated substance (Dechlorane Plus) will findyourself in abundance in electronic waste recycling areas, and although studies are still needed to know the process and products of degradation the DH, we realize that we have no ideawhat to do with our E-waste.
In my opinion, we should worry and give higher priority to what we do with our trash, since it is a serious problem affecting in an irreversible mannerto the environment, and therefore, to us. It is a priority, and if we dont take care to fix it as soon as possible,this problem will grow until we would be useless to do something.References
G. Davis, “Waste management research: Research findings from G. Davis et el update understanding of waste management research” Aug 24, 2010 , Proquest , Aug 24, 2010....
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