1984 George orwell

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Our life, it is barely a routine. We’re just use to everything we see, whether it is good or bad. It doesn’t really matter for us. That’s why we’re use to it, but what if we just take a moment out ofour things to see what is really going on. What if we just try to see the world differently? What if we start caring about all those kids we daily see on the corners asking for some pennies to eat?Those kids we daily see on the streets begging for some help, begging us to help them change their living situation. But that reality is the reality we just understand once in a while. Why is thatgovernment that promise so much in their elections campaigns to change this hasn’t done anything to take care about this issues? Maybe, it is because they need all this inner conflicts as war, poverty andinequality inside the countries to still have the power of direct or indirect oppression to us for them to exist or just to have their positions well established.

Social Pyramid is part of ourliving organization. It has always existed, since the beginning of times there has always been a top status, middle status and obviously the lower status. Today, that social classification stills, butnow more than ever it is even more difficult to succeed in the economical world because it is dominated by the High class, making poverty more common and really hard to exterminate it.

The issueis that in countries as Ecuador, there’s also extreme poverty. This conflict is the guilty of so many people to be ignorant because there’s no decent access to education and decent lifestyle. Thismakes ignorance and inequality grow. “Throughout recorded time, and probably since the end of the Neolithic Age, there have been three kinds of people in the world, the High, the Middle, and the Low.”(“1984”, page 201), with this quote I can prove this fact, the fact that the social pyramid exist till today. Governments use this for their personal advantage by dividing the country, this way...
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