Analysis de descartes meditaciones

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Rene Descartes wrote his meditations based on the method of doubt. He brings into question whether or no tour beliefs should be doubted since we don’t have a precise way of proving that they reallyexist or not. His overall objective is to question knowledge and to explore certain metaphysical issues as the existence of a God and whether or not can the body separate from the mind, we can noticeit by reading the first lines of his first meditations where he writes: “I would need to tear down everything and begin anew from the foundations if I wanted to establish any stable and lastingknowledge” (Kessler, 263). He states that for us in order to gain knowledge we should doubt first. Among his beliefs we cab find that experience was not necessarily the source for discovering if somethingwas certain but it was reason the most accurate source for it.
In meditation one Descartes states that things are not as they seem to be at first glance, he argues that we should not trust on what weonly perceive, he’s calling into doubt our senses but since we can’t be really sure at first whether something is real or not we do doubt a bit about our sensory knowledge. As he goes on his writing heraises a more systematic method for doubting our sensory perception. He points out what is called the dream problem, because he explains that most dreams are so vivid that are indistinguishable fromthe waking experience this is part of his first meditation again. He writes “I must still admit that the things I see in sleep are like painted images that must have been patterned after real thingsand, hence, that things like eyes, heads, hands, and bodies are real rather than imaginary” ( Kessler, 264), by stating this he argued that everything we now perceive to be part of the physical worldthat’s outside of us which is nothing but a product of our imagination so by supposing this is true then he states that it is possible for us to even doubt that any physical thing really exists....
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