Aborto y adopcion

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Adoption Gay
The Academy of Pediatrics of The United States recommended that gay's couple can adopt children. They came to this conclusion after years of elaboration of diverse studies that theyconcluded that the children educated by them do not differ from the bred children in heterosexual's couple.
Many people think that the homosexuality is "contagious" and it will "pervert" the children,turning them also in homosexual. This position departs from the conviction of that the homosexuality is a mental illness.
Following this criterion, we can think that the fundamental thing in order todeterminate that a person can adopt a child, is psychic balance and his mental health. In this case, the hetero like the homosexual ones can be healthy or not mentally. It doesn’t depend on the sexualorientation. We know lamentable cases of heterosexual "respectable" men who take a double life in which they include sexual violence and criminal practices.
On the other hand, a person can’t choose tobe homosexual, as well as a person can’t choose to be a heterosexual. No yet there aren’t known scientific which are the motives by which a person is orientated sexually towards the homo, the bi or theheterosexuality.
The adoption needs of adult healthy persons that they want to give love, care, respect, positive projects of life to children who are abandoned. Not all the heterosexual persons orhomosexual are emotionally prepared for the difficult task of raising a child. It is necessary that those who are in charge with diagnosing the possible adoptive parents do it from the scientific andprofessional knowledge and not from their prejudices and discriminatory values.
In 1986, Denmark was the first European country in allowing that one gay or a lesbian should adopt the son of his couplebut they must be married and the first country in allowing the children's adoption was Holland in 2001.

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