Act of bravery

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I can still remember the day I met him. We were going to school and he looked at me with those big and green eyes. I do not know how he got my attention. Perhaps my intuition was telling me that thatskinny and common little boy was going to play a major role in my life and others. Forgetting it would be the end of the story and I do not want to lose my hero again.
It was a hot summer day in1951, and I was on my way back from school. He was a shy little boy from Maryland. He was tall, handsome, and he had a kind smile. It seems like yesterday when I met him at the bus stop. The first thingI said to him was: “Do you go to school here?” and he answered, “Yeah, I just moved to this city.” He told me his name was Jack, and we both went to school that day. He introduced himself to the classbut no one really accepted him. He began to be bullied by the kids at school, and I felt bad for him. I decided to be friends with him because I understood that being at a new school was difficult.After school I asked him to walk me home and I was surprised to find out that he and his family were living in the same apartment building. After that day, we walked to school together everyday andwe became best friends. I got to know him very well and I discovered that once you earn his trust he can be the kindest friend to you. He often came over to visit at my apartment and we spent manyhours talking. He always told me about his experiences in Maryland and I realized that he was someone who liked to help others. He told me that when he would grow up he would be in the peace corp. Thatis what made him so special to me. Even though he was pushed around by others at school, he still wanted to be a helpful person.
Whenever I have the chance I like to retell the story of my dear Jack.How we got to know each other, how I fell in love with him, and how he saved my life is why I retell his story. The story begins and ends with his death. The day began like any other day. We were...
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