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3. Read the questions and scan the text to find the answer.
1- What is the title of the job that Martin was doing?
Video games tester
2- For approximate how long was Martin doing this job?
For the summer holidays
3- What will Martin study when he goes to university?
A computing and graphics degree
4- What reasons does Martin give for wanting to repeat the experience?Because is his hobby, it’s useful for his university course and because it gives him some pocket money too.
5- What skills do young people in the video games industry need?
For example, good communication, and to be concise, accurate and patiently.
6- What will Martin try to do when he finishes university?
He will get a job in the business.

4. There are four words in the text which aresynonyms for “money” or “income”. Can the text to find them.
Wage, Cash.

5. What do the pronouns refer to?
1- that (line 9) : Job
2- it (line 15) : The opportunity of this job
3- it (line 24) : Company
4- who (line 48) : Costumer
5-they (line 52) : Costumer
6. Find the words in the text that mean…
1- period of educational study: degree
2- something that surprises you or getsyour attention: eye-opener
3- mistake: error
4- brief, to the point: concise
5- acquired: gained
6- something you think is perfect: dream come true

7. Are the sentences true or false? Quote words from the text to support your view.
1- Being a games tester is Martin’s dream job because they pay is good. F
No, it’s him dream job because he love play video games.
2- Martin decided to dothis job because it would help him with his university course. T
It helps him with the university, and he also says that it’s his hobby, and it gives him some pocket money.
3- Martin thinks that work experience can be both educational and fun. T
He said “now I know that working with other people also gives you the kind of know-how you can’t learn from a book”
4- Giving ideas to game developers isthe main part of the Martin’s job. F
He give ideas, but it isn’t the main part of the job, because he also wrote detailed error-reports, and he also talk with clients in a helpline.
5- Martin is understanding with people who are less experienced with technology than he is. T
He had to be patient with clients who called the company’s costumer helpline asking for simple questions, for example:one client think that his game doesn’t work, when the problem is that he doesn’t turn on the computer on first.

1. (a) Read the blog and choose the correct form of the verbs.
Living the dream blog
Hi, I’m Alex. I am doing a diploma in adventure tourism in Canada. Every year I learn a different sport. This year I am doing rock climbing. I get up at six o’clock every day as the courseinvolves a lot of work. Today I am going climbing so I am wearing special climbing shoes and I need chalk for my hands.
I don’t have much free time but on Saturdays I work part-time taking tourists trekking. Is anyone else out there living their dream life?

2. Complete these questions and answers.
1- Are you still at school? Yes, I am.
2- Do you have a part-time job? Yes, I do.
3-Where do you work? I work in a shop
4- What are you doing now? I’m studying.
5- Does your school have exams in October? No, it doesn’t
6- Why are you studying now? I want to improve my marks.

4. (a) Read the story and complete it with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Not exactly a dream journey
Last year, my friend Marion and I got summer jobs in a hotel in Scotland. Marion wasn’tkeen on flying so she convinced me to go by coach. She said It would be more exciting. As soon as we crossed the border, a terrible storm started and the coach broke down. While the mechanic was repairing it, we had to stand in the rain. Later, we stopped for lunch. While we was walking to the table, Marion slipped and broke her leg. In the end, we didn’t make it to the hotel but we gained some...
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