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Chapter 4


Basic Troubleshooting

Inspect the following items if your AEC-7730SA cannot work properly after installation. 1. 2. 3. 4. Inspect if all connectors of SCSIcable and power cord are firmly connected. Inspect if the SCSI adapter is correctly inserted into the PCI slot on the motherboard. Inspect if the SCSI adapter’s driver is successfully installed. Checkthe jumper setting, and be sure that the SCSI ID number does not conflict with one another.



Advanced Troubleshooting

Quick Guide
Version 1.0

Here wetake Windows XP as example to show the advanced troubleshooting. First let’s check the SCSI adapter. 1. 2. 3. Right click “My Computer”. Left click “Manage”. After entering “Computer Management”,click “Device Manager”. Then, double click “SCSI and RAID controllers” to see if your SCSI adapter is installed well.

Now check the SATA ODD connected to AEC-7730SA. 1. 2. 3. In “Device Manager”,click “DVD/CD-ROM drives” to show your ODD. Right click the SATA ODD and left click “Properties”. Enter “General” to see if the device works normally and the target ID is correct. Copyright © 2007 ACARDTechnology Corp. Release: July 2007


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


1.1 Overview
The development of AEC-7730SA is based on ACARD’s SCSI-to-SATA technology, whichconverts a SATA ODD into a high-performance SCSI one. An on-board RISC micro controller developed by ACARD makes the bridge AEC-7730SA more flexible and stable in high-level applications.

Beforeinstalling AEC-7730SA, set up a SCSI host adapter like ACARD AEC-67162S first. Be sure that the host adapter is shown under “Device Manager” of “Computer Management” in Windows XP. Now follow theinstructions below to install. Step 1 Connect CN3 of AEC-7730SA to the SCSI adapter with a SCSI cable. Step 2 Connect CN2 of AEC-7730SA directly to the SATA ODD. Step 3 Connect CN1 of AEC-7730SA directly...
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