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Business Management

It's accomplished by,
and though the efforts of others

Is aided by
Th computer



Makes things

It's anactivity
Not a person
or group
Means for exerting
Real impact

Is usually associated
With efforts of a group

The importance of the management:
Management is a necessaryevil of any business. They provide the leadership and administration that will ensure that the business runs the way that it should.

It's the process pf getting things done, effectively andefficiently, through and with other people.

Coordination of all resources through of planning, organizing, directing and controlling in order to attain stated objectives.

Basically use of people andother resources to accomplish objectives

Personal management enables all persons in the enterprise to contribute most effectively to its purpose in the performance of their duties. It promotesindividual development and encourages mutual confidence and under-standing between the employees and employers. It thus attains personal and social satisfaction which tends naturally to seek within theirworking environment.

The management it's very important in a company, because you need to be efficent and effective to accomplish or attain a goal or objective of the company, but if you don't havethis you can't do it because basically you don't know what is the process or the way in you gonna work and you can't be effiective and efficently and you don't gonna attain you goal.

Short Term: theshort term, i will pass my preparatory with a good grade with 8 like minum

Medium Term: in medium term, i will study mi proffesion so i will in the university maybe in irland studying companiesmanagement or in the uag like a doctor.

Long Term: in a long term, if i finished in companies management i will work there because i was researching and they gonna give me work when i finished. but...
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