Adults or teenagers

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Sharleen Marie Vega Román

Some adults want to be teenagers again and the teenagers in this days want to be adults because they believe that they can do anything that they want. For example:go to parties, live with their friends, drink, use drugs.The fact that they can are adults do not mean that we can use drugs or do whatever they want because there are laws to comply and that goes foreveryone teenagers, adults and older plus there are laws and they have to respect them, like the or do not like it.

People say that they never take the opportunity to study in the university, butbecause they do not want to go, and now they want to be teenagers again and do the right thing. Some other adults say that the want to be teenagers again, but just for have more friends and hang outmore because they can not hang out no because they have kids.

The teenagers in this days want to be adults because they believe that the word “adult” means that they have the freedom to o whateverthey want. Some others teenagers want to be adults because they want to study in the university, have a job, and a nice family, but like always some others want to be adults just to live the crazy life.I understand why some adults want to be a teenagers again. Maybe they leave the school and now they know how important the school was, or they do something bad and they want to be a teenager andthink more what to do, and like that they are not do it again, but in case of teenagers hm! They think that if they are adults they can do whatever they want and that is not true. Been an adult is noteasy how they think. Adults have to pay insurance, bills, cell phones, and a lot of things more, and teenagers do not have to pay nothing because they’re parents pay everything, but think about it;When the teenagers became adults and have kids they have to do what their parents are doing for them now, pay everything.

What i mean whit all this, is that people have to think what are they...
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