Adverbial Clauses Of Manner, Place, Time, Purpose, Concession, Result And Comparison

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1- We use Adverb Clauses to show time relationship :
When we were in Istanbul, life seemed wonderful.
Lifeseemed wonderful when we were in Istanbul.
After she graduates, she'll look for a job.
When he sees his boss tomorrow, he will give him the report.
I don't want to see him again as long as I live."After" can be used to start an adverb clause but "afterwards" is an adverb, meaning "later, after that" :
After I wrote the letter, I mailed it.
I wrote a letter and mailed it afterwards.2- Adverb Clauses can also show cause and effect relationship :
He went to bed early because he felt sick.
He went to bed early since he was sick.
Now that you are older, you should make your owndecisions.
As I had a lot to do, I woke up very early this morning.
As long as we're together, who cares about the weather.
Because of the heavy traffic, we were late for the concert.
Due to theheavy traffic, we were late for the concert.

He is sick. Therefore, he went to bed early. ( cause and effect )

The film was so good that I watched it twice. ( cause and effect )
It was such agood film that I watched it twice. ( cause and effect )

3- Adverb Clause can show purpose :
I asked the children to be quiet so that I could listen to music. ( Purpose )
You have to take yourmedicine daily in order to ease the pain. ( Purpose )

Adverb Clauses show : Time , Place , Manner , Comparison , Reason or Cause , Purpose , Result , Condition , Concession ( although, though,even though, even if, while, whatever, wherever, whenever, no matter )

He runs as though he had been frightened. ( how he runs ) -- Concession
He runs whenever he can . ( when he runs ) --Time
wherever he goes . ( where he runs ) -- Place
because he likes to run . ( why he runs ) -- Reason
as far as he can . ( to what extent...
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