Reduction Of Adverbial Clauses

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Reduction of Adverbial Clauses
Adverbial Clause reduction in buildings in order to all subjects in the sentence must be the same.
Two of the sentence the same time, and the activestructure:
       After they finished their homework, they went to an internet cafe[A1] 
       After finishing their homework, they went to an internet cafe.[A2] 
       Finishing theirhomework, they went to an internet cafe.[A3] 

Two of the sentence and the passive structure, the same time: 3 (**** passive verb is used in buildings)
       After he wasarrested, he decided not to steal again.[A4] 
       After being arrested, he decided not to steal again[A5] 

Two-time is different, and the active structure of the sentence
       After we had seen themovie, we talked about it in detail.[A6] 
       After having seen the movie, we talked about it in detail[A7] 
       Having seen the movie, we talked about it in detail[A8] 

Two-time isdifferent, and the passive nature of the sentence
        Ali had to look for a job months after he had been dismissed from the factory[A9] .
       Ali had to look for a job months after havingbeen dismissed from the factory.[A10] 
       Ali had to look for a job months, having been dismissed from the factory[A11] 

Active structure:
       Before he left,  he saidgood-bye to each of them.[A12] 
       Before leaving, he said good-bye to each of them.[A13] 

*** Before reduction can not be done.
Passive structure:
       Soldiers must begiven sufficient training before they are given duties.[A14] 
       Soldiers must be given sufficient training before being given duties[A15] 

Active structure:
        While Iwas reading a book, I was listening music, too.[A16] 
       While reading a book, I was listening music, too.[A17] 
       Reading a book, I was listening music, too.[A18] 
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