Adverb clauses of time

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Adverb clauses of time
Why it is called clause? A clause is a structure that has a subject and a verb. And time clauses begins with words like’’ when’’ followed by a ‘‘subject’’ and a ‘’verb’’. Forexample: when the phone rang, is an adverb clause.
Just connect with a simple sentence:
When the phone rang I answered it.
When the phone rang the baby started to cried.
Examples:When she was in Miami, she visited many friends.
She visited many friends when she was in Miami.

When she was in Miami: is anadverb clause.
She visited many friends: Independent clause.

An adverb clause cannot stand alone as a sentence. It must be
connectedto an independent clause.

When an adverb clause precedes an independent clause, a
comma is used to separate the clauses.
When theadverb clause follows, usually no comma is used.

Because she wanted to visit her friends, she went to Miami.
She went to Miami because she wanted to visit her friends.Using adverb clauses to show time relationship
Clauses explain that something happened before something else or at the same time, or after something else.Something like:
I brush my teeth before I went to bed.
(Nobody brush their teeth after go to de bed)
After I went to the bed, I turn out the lights.
And some words that are used in clauses:
Afterbefore when
While as until
Since as the time as by the time

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Adverb clauses of TimeJason
April, 2011
In conclusion adverb clauses of time are very important because if you want to tell something in the past but that is something that...
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