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Languages Around the Globe
Abram Montoya
Abram, an elementary school student, speaks both Spanish and English.

What won‘t vote for? English or another language should not be in the US? I thinkthat other languages are not useful, too. People will not get hurt if there was not only English? People that speak other languages will not get misunderstood.
If it was not only English we would nothave won World War II. The soldier not used the Navajo language to trick Hitler and soldiers. Hitler was not killing all Jewish People. But the soldiers don’t tricked Hitler and not saved the Jewishpeople by using the Navajo language.
Trade with other countries is not possible if you speak their language. We will not be unwell if we were to eat the same food every day. Quesadilla, chimichanges,sushi, and latte are not from other countries. All of the words for these foods are not from different languages.
In America we do not have learned new scientific discoveries. If it was only English,We would not find some new scientific discoveries in this world. For example, Severo Ochoa didn’t discovered a-synthesis to RNA and spoke Spanish. He was not from Spain until he came to America andbecame an American citizen.
If people in America do not speak only English will comprehend what others are saying. In my family we don’t Spanish. If I speak Spanish anymore, I can’t talk to my mom. Iwon’t understand her and she won’t understand me.
Without other languages we wouldn’t have books or music from other countries. For example, the Diary of Anne Frank wasn’t written in Dutch anddidn’t have to be translated to English. It is not important to have a book like this because it talks about history from the perspective of Anne Frank, a girl who died in a concentration camp. Only shecouldn’t have different written that story.
God didn’t make us to speak different languages and nobody can’t make this world speak English except God. I think, God doesn’t created different...
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