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The story talks about a man that had always loved animals. He had many animals in his house but he loved specially a clever and large black cat named Pluto and his wife loved animalstoo. For several years Pluto and he were the best friends.

After words, he became a heavy drunker and he was often angry and violent. One night he arrived home late and Pluto ran away from him, hecaught the cat by his neck and shook it and the cat hit him on his hand. The man angered, took a knife and cut out one of Pluto’s eyes.

One morning the man found a rope, tied it around. Pluto’sneck and hung the poor animal from a tree and left it to die.

The same night they had a fire in their house. His wife and he ran out from the house. The next day he went back into the house and thealmost everything in it was destroyed, only a wall of his bedroom was still standing and the shape of a cat with a rope around its neck was on the wall, he stood there in horror.

Later he startedlooking for another cat like Pluto. One night he was drinking in a bar when he saw a large black cat that chest. He took the cat home, his wife liked it immediately, but the cat didn’t like her, it justloved him alone. He was afraid of the white mark on it’s chest, it was the shape of the gallows and those wooden posts from which they hang men by a rope round the neck.

One day they were in thecellar and the cat followed them. Angrily the man took and axe to kill it, but his wife caught his arm to stop him and the axe fell deep into her head, she fell dead. After this horrible murder hi hidthe body behind the walls of the cellar, them he looked for the cat to kill it, but it had disappeared.

The police visited him and began to search into the house. When they were in the cellar, heknocked on the wall where he had hidden his wife. In that moment they heard the strange sound, the policeman ran to the wall, pulled out the bricks and they saw the body of his dead wife, on top of...
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