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Alexander the Great, born to conquer.
For the history of civilization antigualas exploits of Alexander the Great, were a myriad of situations that still today are told to meet and explore a worldthat many think tragic, also preceded by the gods and oracles to rule the time two empires this character had a unique destination, which now seems more attributable to its own peculiar reality.Although, his legacy was the extension of Hellenic culture, was surrounded by many favorable circumstances outlined some historians, on the other hand his biography is truly a living example of the epicswritten by Homer, as the imagination of this writer presented wars in his books, adventures, sovereignty and tragedy which was kept for future generations.
Alexander born in Pella, capital of Pelagoniain October of 356 BC. That year I provide many congratulations to the city of Macedonia. Son of Philip II, king and General of the Army, with his career warrior Alexander would never know defeat.His father received the news just send a letter to Aristotle, thanking the gods that his son had been born in his time and was hoping that one day outside his disciple.
His mother, Olympias, was thedaughter of Neoptolemus, king of Molossia, watched as his father committed the education of their children.
Cleopatra would be born soon, sister of Alexander.
Prince had two severe Lisímacospedagogues and then Leonidas, who submitted his childhood in a rigorous discipline. Acquired a perfect mastery of himself and his actions. At age twelve, the king returned from his military campaigns to bewith him, you felt proud to meet a child smart and courageous, full of judgment, extraordinarily gifted and interested in what was happening around him, was the right time to Aristotle deliver to theireducation, met the thirteen to seventeen a little young practically living with the philosopher, taught this grammar, geometry, philosophy and above all ethics and politics, even that over time would...
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