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* Founded: February 21, 1893 under the name of Argentine Association Football League (AAFL).
    * Name change: February 1903, takes its name from Argentine Football Association (AFA)
    *Castilianization: February 1912, takes its name from Argentina de Football Association (AAF)
    * Fusion: December 23, 1914, merger with the "Federación Argentina de Football" without changing the name.    * Fusion: November 28, 1926. Merged with "Amateurs de Football Association." It is named after Amateur Argentina de Football Association (AAAf).
    * Name change: June 1931. Takes its name fromAssociation of Amateur and Professional Football (AFAP)
    * Fusion: November 3, 1934. Merger with the "Liga Argentina de Football. It is named after the Argentine Football Association (AFA).
    *Castilianization: 1946. It is named after the Argentine Football Association (AFA)

a football team of Argentina is the country's representative team in official competitions. Hisorganization is in charge of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), a member of CONMEBOL.
The Argentina team is one of the most successful teams in world football. The first international match playedoutside Argentina, May 16, 1901 in Montevideo.
He was twice champion of the FIFA World Cup (1978 and 1986) and finalist on two other occasions (1930 and 1990).
In 1992, the Argentine team won the FIFAConfederations Cup that year, while in 1995 and in 2005 played the final of that tournament, losing to Denmark and Brazil respectively.
Argentina is next to Uruguay, the selection that most times haswon the Copa America, obtaining fourteen times. Furthermore is the choice that most runners-up achieved in the competition in a dozen opportunities.
In the Olympics the Argentina won the gold medalat the Olympics in 2004 and 2008. In turn, won the silver medal in 1928 and 1996.
The U-20 youth team is the greatest champion of the World Cup category, with six titles in 1979, 1995, 1997, 2001,...
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