American horror stories

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“American Horror Stories” by Edgar Allan Poe.
1. Relationship between the stories in the book.
Apart from the obvious element of horror, Edgar’s horror stories, or “arabesques” as he calledthem, are particular.
They are often full of precise, physical details and reasoning. He analyzes the mentality of madmen with the care of a psychologist or of a detective. In “The Black Cat” and “TheTell-Tale Heart” the narrators of these stories analyze their own madness carefully and calmly. They commit horrible crimes. This perhaps, is the most frightening thing about these stories.
2.Horror stories.
* What is horrific about the stories in the book?
The most frightening thing about these stories, I think, is that these stories are not about horrors that exist in the outside world,but the horrors that exist in our minds.
* What’s my opinion of the genre?
The horror genre has the characteristic to create a sense of controlled fear in the reader. In contrast to the real andconcrete fear, the horror genre makes the reader a sense of fear, the opportunity to “play afraid”.
That’s why this genre is the favourite of teens who may feel their emotions dominated front ofchildren who really would feel afraid of seeing an horror movie.
* Are all the stories as horrific as I expected?
Although it is true that many horror stories fail to cause fear, they can be clearlyidentified within the genre, because they use a repertory of effects for this purpose.
To me, the horror genre is only the creation of an atmosphere, and all the stories in the book they havesucceeded.
3. A film based on the novel.
If I would be in charge of making a film based on the book. I would choose “The Oval Portrait”, because once completed, what attracted me the most was its moral,as it is a call to the artist, an advice in form of poetry.
The perfect cast would be very simple, because I would make a short film. I would need just four actors to four roles; Pedro, the valet;...
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