American revolution

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By: Irving Ortiz

The American Revolution

The American Revolution was a violent overthrow of the British government which was completely replacing by a new government with Americans. Itoccurred, by many taxes that were imposed by the British government. But eventually, the seven years war in 1754, before the American Revolution was an important reason for the taxes, because the British losta lot of money in this war and they told to Americans that they protect them, so they needed to recover all this money with taxes.
The first tax was the Sugar act imposed by the British parliamentin 1764. Its purpose was to increase the price of the sugar as coffee; this was the first reason in which colonists wanted to say something against the taxes.
After that, in 1765 was an important taxcalled stamp act. The stamp act was a direct tax to the Americans only if they used something that was printing like, newspaper, magazines, books, papers etc. if the book or any paper wasn´t a stampthere the British called this illegal and they take it off.
The followed event came in 1770 called the Boston Massacre, this was a violent fought between the “sons of liberty”, people who wantfreedom, against the British. This began when the leaders of the sons of liberty organized boycotts of the taxes. In addition, the angry colonist began throwing snowballs and rocks at British troopsguarding the Customs House in Boston. Obviously the British troops responded with fire weapons, killing three immediately and two more colonists died a short time later from their wounds.

People in thosetime love tea, for that reason British make a tax in 1773 for it. For the Americans it was ridiculous and they felt angry and frustrated. In addition the Americans make a new boycott for it. The sonsof liberty dressed up into American natives and they boarded three British ships (the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver) and through to the ocean all the tea and personal objectives of the...
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