Amigurumi mamushka

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Ready to make your own?

First, begin by cutting about 6 circles of satin material for each flower.  (I just found the cheapest satin I could.....only a few $'s a yard, and it worked great.  The satin just needs to be able to melt with fire, rather than burn.)  The blue flower is bigger and the largest circle is about 3 inches in diameter.  The largest green circle is about 2 1/2 inches indiameter.  

I made each circle gradually smaller, making sure they fit on top of the circle just larger than it, and didn't worry one bit about making it a perfect circle.  The uneven-ness of each circle will add to the beauty of the flower.  Promise.

Then I used a lighter and slightly melted the edges of each flower,   This also caused the edges to curl up a bit.

Then, one at a time, Ihot glued each circle to the one below it, until I had my layered flower.

Then I placed a rather full blob of hot glue in the center of the flower.......

.......then dumped a pile of these little filler beads right on top.  (You know, the same ones I used for filling up the "I-spy" bags here.)  You could use real beads or skip the hot glue and sew on beads to the center.  But I just hadthese filler beads and thought they were the perfect shape. And I have had the pink flowered headband (shown above) for a while, which has been tossed and smashed and in the bottom of my purse........and the little beads are still holding strong.

Then I mashed the beads into the glue blob, and formed it to the shape I wanted it with my fingers.

Then I dumped off the excess beads.

And thatwas it.  The centers for the flowers are done.

Then I cut out pieces of felt, into the shape of petals.

Then I melted the edges of the felt, just for a textured look.  And also held the flame on the center of the petal a bit......which gave it more texture, but also made the petal round inwards just a bit.

Then I glued the two petals together...

Then glued the flowers right on topof the petals.  Trim any parts of the petal off, that may be peeking from the top or sides, if necessary.

Then, I just use these stretchy headbands (from Wal-Mart/Target) because they stay in my little girl's hair better than hard headbands.  But you could use either.  I glued the headband right to the back of the headband.

Once that cooled, I added a nice thick layer of hot glue to thetop of that, and let it dry.  This creates a nice rubbery surface, and helps keep the headband in place on slippery hair.

And that's it.

Headband completed.

Now make several more, in all sorts of colors.

And be sure to make some for yourself.  

They sure are fun to wear.  

Matrioska amigurumi...
Después de días muy atareados, otra vez por acá con la Matrioskaamigurumi -que hice muy a mi manera y espero les sea útil como referencia-...
After busy days, again over here with the Matrioska amigurumi, which did much to my way and I find it useful as a reference...
Primero, para la cabeza hice una bolita con la receta de Marta ...
First to head made a little ball with this tutorial...
No la cerré para empezar a tejer el cuerpo, desde ahí seguí con lossiguientes puntos...
Not closed to start knitting the body, from there I went the following stitches...
vuelta 1: mismo número de puntos bajos de la base de la cabeza.
vuelta 2: (1 punto bajo(p.b)-1 aumento), repetir hasta terminar la vuelta.
vuelta 3: mismo no. de p.b. que la vuelta 2
vuelta 4: (2 p.b.-1 aumento) repetir hasta terminar la vuelta.
vuelta 5, 6 y 7: mismo no. de p.b. que vuelta4.
vuelta 8: (3 p.b.-1 disminución), repetir hasta terminar la vuelta.
vuelta 9: mismo no. de p.b. que la vuelta 8.
vuelta 10: (3 p.b.-1 disminución), repetir hasta terminar la vuelta.
vuelta 11: mismo no. de p.b. que la vuelta 10.
vuelta 12: (3 p.b.-1 disminución), repetir hasta terminar la vuelta.
vuelta 13: mismo no. de p.b. que la vuelta 12.
vuelta 14: todos los puntos tejidos como...
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