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Arleen Andujar

Mr. Santucci


May 20th 2008

What is Love?

What is love? Naturally the same song that popped into my head the day you first asked this question appears once again. In my attempt to make this horrid song go away, I desperately turn on my “love lovee loveee meeee” playlist in shuffle mode. (Yes you can check my iTunes if you don’t believe me.) I needed to set somesort of ambience to get this ball rolling. Despite the fact that I put it in shuffle, the first song to come on is one that fills me with this unexplainable feeling. As I sit here typing I am transported back to August of 2007. I immediately get goose bumps, my heart feels like it’s about to explode, my tummy starts turning and this big, goofy smile comes over me. The memories embody me like noother and I have to stop for a second and recollect myself. I know I sound corny but I can’t help it. I am in love like no other.

One of the ways I can express my love for others is through song. Nothing compares to hearing a song and being filled with hundreds of memories, feeling like you are reliving all those moments once again.

Love is intangible; whether it is romantic,brotherly or paternal, there really is no way to explain it; except to experience it. Unfortunately I am going to have to make an extremely feeble attempt in explaining what love is for this amazing paper you assigned…NOT! (Yes I realize this is your last chance to pick at our brains but geesh this is a difficult one!!!) So here goes my attempt for my last A in Bible class!!!

  Everyone wantslove. Everyone, it seems, wants to give it as well. Why, then, does there seem to be so little love in the world? Why does love get so much praise when we see so little of it in practice? It doesn't seem to be for lack of trying. The songs, the books, the magazines, telling us how to love better and smarter and who knows, maybe even faster. The libraries are filled with books that have step-by-stepguides for taking care of everything that is broken in our love lives. In the chaos of it all, love seems to slip through our fingers like sand in an hourglass.

Love has always been a sensation that has both mystified and captured humans. It is a unique emotion and, while it means something different to everybody, it remains to all a force, that is always one step above mankind. To me, itis just the deepest understanding which comes from the rawest part of you. The purest love has its own ears, own eyes and acceptance. There is no room for walls or judgment. It lets you see there is something more than yourself. Love is companionship. Intimacy, but not in the way that everyone thinks when they hear the word “intimate”. When I think of intimacy I think of being able to share yourdreams and your private, most inmost secrets with someone. What makes you love is what makes you live!!! Love is free. Love is the ultimate goal. Love can be a many splendored thing; you can't deny the joy it brings; a dozen roses, diamond rings, dreams for sale and fairy tales. It'll make you hear a symphony and you’ll just want the world to see.

Love is selfless

In a desperateattempt to get some outside opinion, I asked a person very dear to me how he knew that they loved. He simply said “Selflessness” and when I urged him for an explanation he proceeded to say “Their happy is MY happy”. I thought, “Great, that will fill about..hmm…not one line” I sat and thought; their happy is my happy. Being completely caring about another person and genuinely being happy or sad when theyare happy or sad is one of the greatest achievements in a relationship. Putting the other before you. It is a brilliant concept, but unfortunately not many people can honestly say they put their happiness aside for their loved ones. Being selfish is probably one of the main causes of relationships falling apart in this day and age, no one knows how to put anyone in front of themselves and it...
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