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III Grade
Aníbal Santamaría

Laboratory # 1: Use of the Calculator

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1. To use the calculator in a correct and efficient way.

Materials and Equipment:

|Worksheet |Scientific Calculator|
| | |
||Brand___________________________________ |
| ||
| |Model___________________________________ |


Eachcalculator is different in design and purpose. In order to achieve a greater proficiency at working in science, you need to be able to use your calculator in a productive and efficient way. Acalculator should not be used just to save you the trouble of making operations in your head. All scientific calculators have several features that allow you to make complex operations in a very efficientform, avoiding errors caused by pressing the wrong keys or error due to lack of accuracy. As an example, you can consider the following operation:

which gives the result 41152263.37 whenproperly operated. If instead of making one operation (i.e. writing the operation so that you need to press the equal sign only once) you perform the division first, and the round the result to raise itto the power, you less several orders of accuracy:

[pic] is approximately equal, when rounded, to 33.33.

[pic]. This difference may seem unimportant relative to the actual value, but it may...
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