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Maria Mercedes Uriegas Corcuera
Professor Johnson
Academic Writing 1500
Compare and contrast  city life and small town life.

city: it depends about witch city we aretalking about but most of the time big cities have a bigger amount of cars, therefore the traffic increases in a really big way, it depends as well in how is the city made and the precautions they take tocontrol it. For example in Mexico city they made this law that says that one day at the week you car can not be circulating around the streets, with this the amount of car per day decreases in areally big way and it beneficiates a lot of people, because most of the people go t have lunch at the same time so at that time the traffic is horrible.
town: on the other hand if we are talking about asmall town everything changes, of curse the amount of cars that has a town is small so the traffic is not as bad as it is in a big city, but the problem is when the city is made for a certain amount ofpeople and cars and then it starts to get bigger and bigger but the structure of the city is not made for a bigger amount of cars so there’s were the traffic begins a really good example isCd.Victoria Tamaulipas is where I came from and it has got much bigger with the time but the traffic everyday is worst!

* job possibilities:
city: the amount of schools, companies, is much bigger in acity so the possibility to have a better job is much bigger in the city.
town: in small cities there are not as many companies as in a big city, so I think that it is much difficult to get a job butit depends in witch city you live in.
* safety
city: in a big city the possibilities of having unsafely is bigger than in a small one, because they are big cities the people who does bad, they canhide in the city and its not like everyone knows them.
town: in a small city there is less insecurity because its like when something bad happens its really easy for everyone to notice it and of...
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