Analisis De Valores Creencias, Relaciones Y Temporalidad España (Ingles)

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5.  Time and time consciousness:
. Appointments are mandatory and should be made in advance, preferably by telephone or fax. Reconfirm in writing or by telephone the week before. 
. Youshould try to arrive on time for meetings. 
. The first meeting is generally formal and is used to get to know each other. Do not be surprised if no business is actually conducted during the firstmeeting. 
. Agendas are often used but not always needed to be followed too strict. 
. Make sure all your printed material is available in both English and Spanish. 
. Not all businesspeople speakEnglish, so it is wise to check if you should hire an interpreter. 
. Several people may speak at once. You may be interrupted while you are speaking. 
. Decisions are not reached at meetings. Meetingsare for discussion and to exchange ideas. 
. Most Spaniards do not give their opinion at meetings. Therefore, it is important to watch their non-verbal communication.
 Spaniards place greatimportance on the character of the person with whom they do business. 
. Hierarchy and rank are important. You should deal with people of similar rank to your own. 
. Decision-making is held at the top ofthe company, since this is a hierarchical country. You may never actually meet the person who ultimately makes the decision. 
. You may be interrupted while you are speaking. This is not an insult, itmerely means the person is interested in what you are saying. 
. Spaniards do not like to lose face, so they will not necessarily say that they do not understand something, particularly if you arenot speaking Spanish. You must be adept at discerning body language. 
. Spaniards are very thorough. They will review every minute detail to make certain it is understood. 
. First you must reach anoral understanding. A formal contract will be drawn up at a later date. 
. Spaniards expect both sides to strictly adhere to the terms of a contract. 
. The Spanish prefer to do business with those...
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