Analisis literario call of the wild

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25) Idiom
Sol-leks = the angry one.
26) Irony
a) Situation irony
Buck openly threatened the other’s leadership. Buck came between him and the shiks he should have punished. Page 55
b)Verbal irony
“One devil, dat Spitz”, remarked Perrault. Page 54
27) Moral
I learn in the story that we, the humans cannot damage animals because the animals are important in the world.
“Call of the Wild” is a fiction story.
29) Novella
“Call of the Wild” because it has character, plot, conflict and setting.
30) Onomatopoeia
“A-a-ah= recognizing something.Page 45
31) Oxymoron
Exquisite agony. Page 15
32) Plot
I. Plot A. Exposition (Introduction)the story begins with a dog named Buck. Buck lives in Santa Clara Valley, Judge Miller’s place. It was called. Judge Miller was Buck’s first master. Manuel, gardener’s helper sells Buck tothe man in the red sweater. B. Insisting incident 1. Conflict Animal vs. man example: Like a flash Buck struck, breaking the neck (yeehats). Internal conflictAnimal vs. himself example: When Buck was angry 2. Climax When Hal is aboutto whip Buck and John Thornton saves Buck 3. Falling Action. When John Thornton dies 4. Resolution When Buck returned to the wild.Symbol Symbolism
1. Mercedes’ possessions Mercedes loads the sled up with so many of her thing that the dogs cannot possibly pull it; later, she herself gets on the sled...
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