Analysis poema borders de pat mora

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Borders by Pat Mora

Acknowledging the Title

• The title of the poem makes allusion to borders.

– These borders are symbolical representations of the literal concrete bordersthat exist between us.

– The borders make their way out of the geographical map into each of us.

– The author illustrates how borders she thought would not interfere withcommunication have proven to be emergent and present.

Borders by Pat Mora

Acknowledging the Title

• The author is battling with translation in a more personal way, a mode of translating ourfeeling to others, even though we speak the same language.

• The connotation and the interpretation of language is a relevant aspect that many times escapes common translation.

• Thosephysical borders that divide two countries emerged inside of us causing rupture, not only between marital relationships, but among families, friends and others.

First Stanza

▪ “Our tongues tastesLuna”. The author may be referring to honeymoons. As it is well known, in a honeymoon love pours, the couple is perfectly in love.

▪ When referring to honeymoons the author may not bereferring specifically to the vacation, but to the beginning of a relationship and initial months or years.


❖ The author intends to explain that a literal translation of words were oneday easy. Easy in a sense of translating a word like moon, which in Spanish means Luna.

❖ She describes translation, and themselves as in similar, but different. Alternatively, words chargedwith feelings and deeper interpretations didn’t lend themselves for word by word translation.

Second stanza

• Lets also have in mind the at the beginning although she acknowledged they weredifferent, she also pointed out they were similar.

• The authors points out that couples may know how to talk things out the “grown up way”, but they still end up with an unresolved argument...
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