Angel Cabrera Life

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Angel Cabrera
Angel Cabrera is well known professional golfer from Villa Allende, Cordoba. He became famous 2007th amazing win in the US Open Championship at Torrey Pines.
Born in 1969, 42 yearsold Cabrera, jumped into the headlines of every newspaper after he became the champions of the 2007th US Open and the 2009 Masters Championship at Augusta, Georgia. “El Pato”, as he is known betweenhis friends, is now one of the most important golfers in the history of South America.
His 1, 85 m and his 95 kg allow him to drive the great distance with an admirable accuracy which had alwayscharacterized him. What is more, his round face and deep penetrating eyes, surrounding with wrinkles depict experience and knowledge, and his cold temper in the courses make him a great champion. Hisresending silver like hair , which is usually covered by a cap makes him easily to recognize from the distance, and his favorite outfit, the one he uses during important tournaments, consists on a yellowt-shirt that , combined with the way he walks , makes him look like a duck ,`` Pato” in Spanish.
His humble, never stop him from pursuing his dreams and his ambition forced him to give his best inevery opportunity life gave him. He started playing golf at the age of six and four years later he had already started working as a caddy at Cordoba Golf Club. There, his love for the game developed and,with the help of some members of the club, he was able to accomplish his dreams. He owes part of his success to all those people who, with a great generosity, encouraged his career.
Father of aloving family, Cabrera spends the minute in which he is not practicing golf with his two sons. What is more , he has a lot of friends and he enjoys inviting them to his house.Altouhg he is very calm inthe golf course, his behavior outside it is very different: he was accused several times of domestic violence issues when he was young and he had some law. Nevertheless, people who are closed to...
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