Angel time

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This history is about a man he´s name is Toby O´Dare and his nick name is Lucky, not a lot of people knows his name, Well Toby was born in the city of New Orleans, He was Irish and German descent.
Toby didn’t grow up dreaming of being a killer, he dreamed of being a musician, he used to watch action movies, draw, he was a very happy boy, But all started when his grandmother died, hechanged a lot, he grow up in poor streets; he always have been catholic, he believed in God and Jesus, but whit the time he stop believing and he start his owns thoughts.
Actually he is a killer, he works for the “Right man” , He meet the Right man in a restaurant when he was talking whit other man about business and the Right man listed they and he offer a contract whit a lot of money andLucky accept. For start Lucky always live in Missions, he knows a lot of Missions he loves sleep in the Amistad suite that was his prefer room, he admired too stay in the church and listed mass, he loves the arts of the church´s especially San Capistrano, that was the most beautiful church for him all of them, and he loves stay there walk in the gardens and think all about God, Lucky always think inWhy God just save Jesus and leave us here? All type of this question was around his mind, he loves stay alone.
Lucky loves read, he read all the time, also he prefer read about Dark ages and this helps Lucky to imagine, he didn’t know but all his family (gran mothers and grandparents) have had a lot of imagination and Lucky use it to imagine how kill the people, he never kill before a women and hedoesn’t want to, its very easier for him but sometimes its difficult, he plans all about that all the details , the most smallest thing for him has to be perfect.
His boos the Right man indicated him to killer someone, it was like 3 or 4 times at week, Lucky always kill people of FBI and CIA , he don’t know for who he works and he don’t interest he thoughts was not for that he just wait asentence, the Right man never say the name of the person, and why he have to kill him , He used to say “ You know what to do” for everyone this leave like a dude but he never ask , he just ask where, and immediately he plans a perfect way to kill the person he have to kill.
Well one time, the last time that he went to kill somebody ,happened something really amazing , the day that will change his lifeforever , and the day he decided to live when he was died.
These day Lucky receive the words of the Right man, he think kill the man whit poison, just because he want to, he prefer choose a special posion, something not very common , then he choose the perfect poison, nothing can failed, next he choose a van, he dress very formal whit glasses , he was smoking, he arrived and walked to theroom, he was very sure what he is going to do.
He come in and he found a very beautiful room whit a lot of details if he one day live in a department he´ll love one like them, in the room was a lot of violets and lilies, he start to see and memorize all of them, then he founded the sr. in the bedroom, he say that he was the waiter, he give to the sr. some water whit the poison, the sir. Drink andimmediately he say that he feel so bad, he can’t breathe and Lucky hate be cruel so he prefer don’t see , inside him he listen a voice , the voice say kill him, but some of he say just stay there and hope, Lucky doesn’t know what to do, he knew that if the sir. Doesn’t die the Right man going to kill him, but inside him his sensibility can´t make him kill cruel. In a moment when he was listeningthe voice inside him he listen other voice but outside him, he get back and he see that it was other man! Obviously it was ridiculous –How? He asked. if he check all, all people and he was sure that no one else will be in the criminal site, so Lucky ask Who are he ? So the man doesn’t answer nothing but he started to say Lucky don’t kill him just wait him , he is going to died and nothing is...
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