Animals in medical research

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One of the questions facing society today is whether animals should be used in medical research. In the midst of this controversy, many ideas aboutnature, primarily animals, are formed. Each side has different arguments, each one posing questions on the place of humans with respect to animals and the rest of the natural world.
Animal testing is alarge part of today's medical field. This form of research began in early Greek society and has been in use since that time in one way or another. Although many organizations claim the practice is crueland unnecessary, animal testing's importance in scientific and medical breakthroughs cannot be ignored.

Obviously not all medical research needs to use live animals and alternatives are sometimesavailable including cultures of cells, tissues, computer models and various sophisticated equipment. Research using animals is well regulated and only performed when no alternatives are available. Asfar as I know now, after preparing this speech,
every effort is being made to use non-animal replacement methods.
They take the view that simply because animals are not human does not imply theydon't feel pain, despair, torture, and horror, somewhat as we do. And, consequently, they wonder what makes it morally acceptable for us to take another creature's freedom and life away from them, solelyto maybe improve the quality of our lives. They pose to society other questions such as: is the life of these animals worth only this much? Are they condemned to die in the name of research which inthe end is going to harm and kill them? If something happens to them is it going to be nursed and cured back to health? And their answer is NO.
In my case, I would not be ranked into either ofthe two groups mentioned before, as I’m not completely in favour in either of their points of view. I just can’t stand the though of innocent animals dying because of our fault, but it is just one more...
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