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Ambos adjetivos se traducen por "algo de", "algunos".
Regla general:
"Some": se utiliza en oraciones afirmativas.
"Any": se utiliza en oraciones negativas o interrogativas.
Particularidades:"Some": se utiliza a veces en preguntas:
a) Que suponen ofrecimiento.
Do you want some wine?
Can I give you some advice?
b) Cuando se espera casi con toda seguridad una respuesta afirmativa.
Can Ihave some biscuits?
"Any" se utiliza a veces:
a) En oraciones afirmativas con el significado de "cualquiera".
Any kid would have behaved like that
You can pick any of these books
You cango anywhere you want
b) En oraciones condicionales con el significado de "alguien, algo, alguna cosa".
If anyone ask for me, please tell them I will be back soon
If anything happens, please call meimmediately
If I had any money I would buy a new car

Ejercicios ANY, SOME
1.-I have seen ________ dogs running after the postman
2.-Dou you have ________ books on French culture?
3.-Can I have ________ice-cream please?
4.-You don't have ________ idea about the real situation of this company
5.-Could you lend me ________ money please? I really need it
6.-I have seen ________ films about theassassination of JFK
7.-I couldn't find ________ explanations for his behaviour
8.-Have you received ________ letters from your brother?
9.-If I have ________ doubt, I will ask you for help
10.-Ihaven't found ________ friends at the party
11.-I have bought ________ discs for my father
12.-Did I receive ________ calls when I was out?
13.-If I had ________ problem I would call you
14.-________of those suspects could have been the assassin
15.-Do you want ________ coffee? Yes, please
16.-Mum, can I invite ________ friends to my birthday please?
17.-When I was young I did ________ sports18.-I don't have ________ souvenirs from Greece
19.-_______ houses have been destroyed by the fire
20.-The police didn't find ________ clues in the flat

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