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Ivan Brugal, Soka University



 Macintosh

Portable  Apple Newton

 Wrong

Business Model

• Focus on makingall by themselves, both

hardware and software. • Overconfidence! Slow response to competition This allowed their competitors to become a Standard, reducing prices even further and attracting the moreinnovation, which made Microsoft an undisputable winner as a Software company and a triumph to the IBM pc with DELL, HP, ACER on the Hardware over the Macintosh.

 Lost

During this time Appleexperimented with a number of other failed consumer targeted products including digital cameras, portable CD Audio players, speakers, video consoles and even appliances.


Surrounded byenemies! (who is a partner? When you want to make everything yourself?) In the end, eventually the rest of the world will block you no matter how good you are!

As of September 9, 2009, more than220 million iPods had been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling digital audio player series in history.  The Ipod has captured overall the 75 % of the Audio Player Market with an 85 % of higherend.

 Apple

is currently selling songs, movies, videos, podcasts, tv shows, instructional videos, all thought their massive online, one-click store. The power this store gives to Appledoes not only come from the massive revenue it generates, more than half the digital music market.

Music players  The Company sold 10.2 million iPods during the quarter, representing an eightpercent unit decline from the year-ago quarter. Computers  Apple sold 3.05 million Mac computers, a 17 percent rise over its previous fiscal fourth quarter. That’s not too shabby for a premium computerline during down times. Phones  7.4 million iPhones in its most recent fiscal quarter , 7 percent more than the same three-month period a year earlier and a whopping 43 percent more on a sequential...
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