Are natural scientists justified in claiming that knowledge gained through their work is more certain than that gained by human scientists?

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If we were to choose between believing human scientists or natural scientists what choice would we make? Firstly we would have to separate human sciences from natural sciences since this makes a hugedifference when it comes to chose what to believe in. Natural sciences is A group of fields of science and knowledge concerning observable processes of nature, such as biology or physics and socialsciences are those that study the behavior of the population, their mental issues and everything related to these topics (Psychology, Economics, History) .It is true that Natural scientists have ascientific method where what its said can be proved true however human scientists don’t work with physical matter therefore some of the methods, such as the scientific method, used in the natural sciencescan’t be used in human sciences since they are applying different concepts in completely different fields..

Natural sciences are involved with everything that has to do with the physical matterof nature and the study of phenomena in the environment. Subjects such as biology chemistry and physics are considered to be pure sciences. The fact that natural scientists are working with physicalmatter that can be measured and analyzed makes them able to use methods such as the scientific method which consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and theformulation and testing of hypotheses stated previously. These methods are usually very reliable although there might be some alterations when it comes to gathering data. Thanks to natural scientists we havenow resolved many incognitos that used to be considered mysteries in the past such as what the stars are and how the earth was created etc. Many of these discoveries and experiments have been made inlaboratories using specialized equipment and following many cautions in order to get an accurate conclusion but as I mentioned before, there are some factors that cant be controlled and therefore its...
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