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“The most famous Italian restaurant in USA said Mark Renders the chef most recognizedworldwide”
Let´s talk about the…
Create a new dining concept that represents an evolution of the Italian culinary tradition in fusion with Mexican food, trying to excel and innovate what hasbeen done so far. Suggest dishes where the use of traditional techniques and ingredients alternate with new techniques through the use of modern equipment and the combination of exotic and novelingredients, thus offering a personal touch to each particular dish.
Being recognized as a top notch restaurant where the dining experience reflects the new thinking traditional Italian andMexican cuisine, in complement to the modern trends in global cuisine. Demonstrate the use of traditional techniques and ingredients find their natural evolution in combining modern techniques and exoticingredients.
It is in located in 800 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015
Opening Day:
Just today we are celebrating 50 years of service, the restaurant opened since 1964.
Design:The Italiamoi has a square surrounded by a group of buildings that evoke Venice, Florence and Roman architecture, the long communal table in the center of the hall was built in Florence and featureshand painted tiles depicting iconic monuments in Italy.
Other notable features are its Italiamoi high, vaulted ceilings, imported ceramics and blown glass, and an abundance of windows that flood theproperty with natural light.

La planimetría es la parte de la topografía que estudia el conjunto de métodos y procedimientos que tienden a conseguir la representación a escala de todos losdetalles interesantes del terreno sobre una superficie plana (plano geometría), prescindiendo de su relieve y se representa en una proyección horizontal.
La planimetría médica, en cambio, refiere a...
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