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The right to die is an issue that has been discussed for many years. This right refers to the idea that someone with a terminal illness and in an extremely badcondition should be allowed to kill himself without any pain; otherwise, the illness will do it but in a painfully way. Many doctors debate whether giving this right to a person with a terminal illness isthe right decision or not. Giving this right to a person is prohibited in some countries nowadays, but a change in the federal law is under consideration. Although some doctors believe that a personthat has this illness is not conscious enough to take this kind of decisions.

Opponents of giving the right to die believe that a someone with a terminal illness only want to die, so they aregoing to chose obviously this option. However, some researches discovered that the 60% of the people with a terminal illness prefer to make their lives as longer as they can. Another research discoveredthat a person with a terminal illness have to pass trough a very difficult process before making this kind of choices. After this, they are 100% conscious about the situation and they are also 100%able to make a decision of this magnitude.

Opponents also maintain that a person can not decide about this because is a selfish action against their families. It means that even with a terminalillness you can not commit suicide because you will be damaging your family links. Nevertheless, some researchers discovered that most of the families agree with this law. They consider that keeping alivea family member that is suffering because of a terminal illness is something really cruel and they can not do that. These families prefer to end with his or her life instead of watch how he or shesuffers. In addition, most of the terminal patients, before making this very important decision, talk with their families to find the best solution for all of them. So it is not a selfish option try to...
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