Arguments in favor of the death penalty

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The death penalty can prevent crimes, may deter potential murderers, can save lives. Because after the implementation of a punishment to the next crime,which usually do not think that will be discovered and punished, they will know the consequences of their actions and may lose his own life, being punished by the government, and thus so think twicebefore committing.

Using the death penalty in cases in order, is a way to protect citizens' lives, as this would be entirely safe to do them. Since it is a way to not run the risk that the criminalto commit his crime again, and providing quiet, not only affected the victims, while the assailant who is still alive with the soul are in a thread because it can return but also the rest of thepopulation who are exposed to another attack.

Is it fair that the taxes you pay have to keep murderers, rapists, criminals ...? Because these are living require some services, such as food, medicalchecks, clothing, personal control, which all citizens must pay.

All citizens have the right to defend ourselves from attacks that endanger our lives.

When the criminal is prosecuted, it is verylikely that it comes out of prison, either because of errors in demand, whether by purchase their freedom or if your defense is very intelligent. Being a convicted offender totally free.

Sometimeswe have people who are irremediable irrescatables, and it is useless to apply them in any rehabilitation or send them to jail.

The Catholic Church never, until today, has discussed the right ofthe authority to impose the death penalty in extreme cases. The Catholic Church has always viewed as the authority delegated from God all that concerns the preservation of the common good, including inthe right application of punishments, including the maximum. And so the papers u1timos church, the Vatican II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, admitted in exceptional cases the death...
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